SUE ROGERS is the co-producer













Sue Rogers worked closely with her life partner Jim Booth, producer of Peter Jackson’s Meet The Feebles, Braindead and Heavenly Creatures and she maintained the progress of his Midnight Films production slate following his death in 1994. She produced Forgotten Silver, the mockumentary directed by Peter Jackson and Costa Botes. 

She produced Heaven, from the novel by Chad Taylor and directed by Scott Reynolds, which won the Audience First Prize for Best International Feature at the Toronto Film Festival in 1997. She also produced When Strangers Appear (aka Shearer’s Breakfast) also directed by Scott Reynolds. She produced Tongan Ninja, the debut feature by Jason Stutter and is currently producing his latest project, starring Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame – a feature film based on Predicament, the New Zealand novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson. 


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